Upcoming events


Performing an art-science piece at the Moving Futures festival that tours the Netherlands. In this dance piece, we will at the same time collect data for a scientific study of human connection.

Mar 12-19th

lecturer at Interdisciplinary College, (Günne, Germany). Teaching about modeling mind-wandering, and mindful ballet. For researchers, PhD students, postdocs.

May 30-31st

Speaker at workshop about neuroscience in the real world at Emory University

July 8th

Lecturer and Peaceful Mind summer school (University of Amsterdam)

Oct 13-18th

Broadcom foundation EMEA workshop on Brain-Inspired Computing in New Delhi.

Nov 7th

Speaker at Meeting on Cognitive Enhancement at German National Academy of Sciences

Dec 9-13th

Lorentz center workshop on Mechanisms of Meditation and Applications in Clinical Practice. I am co-organizing this workshop with Prisca Bauer.