Monastic debate in the Western classroom

In 2019, I experimented with applying techniques from Tibetan monastic debate in my classroom in the course Data Analytics & Communication, for second-year AI students. It turned out that more extensive instruction on this practice was needed, more than would be feasible as a subcomponent of a seven-week course. See for example this book. There are also several videos explaining the basics of debate: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4.

Here is an example debate on the topic of mind-wandering that I conducted with Tibetan monk Losang Donyo, who studies at Sera Jey monastic university. Another example of a debate about science can be found here.

introduction: I used these slides to introduce monastic debate:

Following this, I used weekly worksheets for the students to scaffold their debates. These worksheets take the debater through different statistical topics. You can find these worksheets below:

To try out debating yourself in a simplified setting, you can use the model developed by Stefan Riegl in collaboration with myself, which you can find here.