_(c)SanderMartens_9637_MariekeVanVugtMy work has been featured in various media outlets.

  • 2017: Interview for Nieuws and Co on Radio 1.
  • 2017: Interview for Radio EenVandaag
  • 2017: University of Groningen did a feature about my research on mind-wandering and my ballet
  • 2017: interview with BCN newsletter on my research on meditation
  • 2017: I explain my research in one minute for the Young Academy of Groningen
  • 2017: featured in the Times of India with the monastic debate study, as well as with my ballet performance at the National Institute of Advanced Study in Bangalore
  • 2016: Contributed to discussion about the discourse in science.
  • 2016: Documentary about my research on Tibetan monks and my ballet activity
  • 2016: cited in article on research on meditation
  • Interview in Mind & Life magazine about modeling meditation
  • Interview OBAlive in 2014 about trip to India for the Science for Monks program
  • Interview in 2013 by the Dutch Buddhist Broadcasting company about my meditation research and presentation at the European Symposium for Contemplative Practice
  • Interview in 2011 about my Mind & Life Varela award and connections between my Buddhist practice and ballet
  • In 2010, I was interviewed for a book about young Buddhists, “Ja, ik zit,” written by Anne Kleisen. In this book I shared how I combined my work as a scientist with
    my life as a Buddhist


I also regularly blog about my research, other interesting research and life as an academic at