In my free time, I like to engage in classical ballet. This page shows some pictures of that and highlights some projects along these lines.

For updates, check out my instagram page, in which I dance around the world.


  • in 2018 I started an interdisciplinary arts-science collaboration with Random Collision, to investigate the nature of human connectedness with inter-brain synchrony and dance.Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 21.44.54.png
  • in 2014, I participated in a cross-media dance project: Unblocked Project in which
    we explored the potentialities of the human body and mind that can be
    explored through movement.
  • Several other dance pieces I have done include BluebirdAurora’s variation, Giselle, a piece choreographed to one of Milarepa’s poems Mind, and a piece I choreographed for my sister: For my sister
  • In 2007, when I lived in Philadelphia, I choreographed and performed in a new age musical named Planet Discord
  • I have also worked with a photographer (Craig Rothfuss) on
    some dance pictures:
  • In Groningen, Sander Martens did a very nice photoshoot of my class.
  • In April 2018 we danced for the king of the Netherlands with Wanda Kuiper ballet. You can spot some footage here at 1:26:00

Some classes I recommend in the various places I have lived:

  • Princeton: Princeton Ballet School
    with Mary Barton, Laurie Abramson and Douglas Martin
  • Philadelphia: Kip Martin from Symmetry Dancewellness specialises in teaching adults and explaining the rich theory behind all movements and exact muscles that are used.
  • Sacha Boitsov provides some authentic Russian classes, and his students have gone on to dance at prestigious companies such as American Ballet Theatre.
  • In Groningen, I am very happy to be dancing at Wanda Kuiper, where you can take many serious adult classes each week.
  • My favourite school in Amsterdam is Zhembrovskyy
    Ballet School
    , which offers excellent Vaganova-style classes,
    including pointe, and taught by current and former dancers of Dutch National Ballet
  • When I am dancing back in my hometown Almere, I go to Balletschool Almere, a
    very cosy and lovely ballet school, dedicated to the love for dancing.

Upcoming shows

  • Sat July 6th: performance at Zhembrovskyy
  • Feb-May 2018: Moving Futures tour Notes on Synchrony (won’t be dancing myself in that case but participating as scientist)