More data collection at the Tibetan monastery in South India

Marieke went again to south India to visit Sera Jey monastery to collect behavioural and EEG data in the study of monastic debate. She also made use of the opportunity to give lectures at the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Bangalore (about the monastic debate study, and about ballet), the Centre for Neuroscience of IISc (about model-based EEG), and at PES university (about modelling mind-wandering). To share in the method of the work, Marieke wrote two blogs about the debate study:

The research was also featured in the Times of India:



lab visits the cuttingEEG meeting

Marieke and Oscar visited the cuttingEEG meeting in Glasgow where Marieke gave an invited talk about model-based neuroscience with simple models (drift diffusion models) and more complex models (ACT-R), and Oscar presented his work on tracking synchrony networks across the stages of an associative recognition memory task. See for a summary of the cuttingEEG summer school