Marieke & Lionel go to India as part of EMEA workshop on brain-inspired computing

Marieke and Lionel went to India from October 13-18th to participate in the EMEA workshop organized by the Broadcom foundation. At this workshop, students from Tel Aviv Univesity, Imperial College London, University College Dublin, Indian Institute of Technology Bangalore and the University of Groningen got together to discuss, network and learn from each other. The topic was brain-inspired computing, and apart from attending several lectures, students were put in groups to think about solutions for some grand challenges.

After this meeting, Marieke also visited the monks of Sera Jey to discuss progress on the project, and subsequently she went back to Delhi for the conference on Mind, Meditation and Human Values organized at IIT Delhi. She gave a talk about her research on the topic of monastic debate. In a final leg of her visit, Marieke also caught up with collaborators at IIT Roorkee.


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