Marieke teaches Tibetan monks about neuroscience at ETSI and gives talks in Roorkee and Delhi

Marieke recently went to India to teach the monks of Drepung monastery about

the teaching team at ETSI
together with my audience at AIIMS

neuroscience, She taught about attention, how practices affect the brain, and about mind-wandering, which is all part of the year 5 curriculum of ETSI. Marieke shared more details about her experiences in some blogs. As part of the teaching, she also performed an experience sampling study with the monks. Data look interesting, so this is definitely to be continued! After Drepung, she went on to give an institutional lecture at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee on modeling mind-wandering and finally gave a lecture at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on her research on meditation. On the way back she stopped in Amsterdam to give a guest lecture on the neuroscience of meditation at the Peaceful Mind summerschool

Announcement of my guest lecture at IIT Roorkee

of the University of Amsterdam.

Visit to the Ganges at Haridwar (during my visit to Roorkee)



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