I am an assistant professor in the cognitive modeling group at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). I obtained my PhD with Michael Kahana in the neuroscience program of the University of Pennsylvania, after having spent one year at Brandeis University. After that I did a postdoc with Jonathan Cohen at Princeton University.

The main question that guides my research is: how do we think? In what ways do we mind-wander? When is it helpful, and when is it not? And how can we make our thinking more adaptive by means of contemplative practices such as mindfulness and meditation. I like to use mathematical models and techniques to better understand those very complicated data. This model-based neuroscience approach allows us to think about the mechanism by which someone thinks, and make more detailed predictions than verbal models. In addition to that, I am fascinated by how two brains think together, which I investigate in the laboratory with EEG hyperscanning, but also in more real-life situations such as Tibetan monastic debate and dance performances.

Recent CV: Curriculum Vitae Marieke van Vugt


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